Dear Beekeeping Community,

As we buzz into April, we’re getting our apiaries ready for their new tenants! Our next meeting is Wednesday April 10th at 6:45 pm at the University of Maryland Extension Wicomico County Office located at 28647 Old Quantico Rd, Salisbury, MD 21801. Open to EVERYONE, whether you have bees now or want them in the future! Not only are we gearing up for our NewBees! within the Beekeepers Association, but we’re also laying the groundwork for an exciting agenda that will shape the coming months of our collective endeavors.

📅 Monthly Agenda Planning: Alongside the elections, we’re also mapping out our agenda for the upcoming months. Here’s a sneak peek into what we have in store:

  1. Educational Workshops: Knowledge is the nectar that fuels our passion for beekeeping. We’re lining up a series of workshops covering various topics, from hive management techniques to honey harvesting best practices. Keep an eye out for announcements detailing dates and topics!
  2. Community Outreach Programs: As stewards of the environment and advocates for pollinator conservation, it’s essential for us to engage with our local communities. We’re planning outreach programs aimed at raising awareness about the importance of bees and other pollinators. Let’s spread the word and inspire others to join our cause!
  3. Field Trips and Apiary Visits: There’s no better way to learn than by getting hands-on experience in the field. We’re organizing field trips to local apiaries, giving members the opportunity to observe different beekeeping methods in action and exchange insights with fellow enthusiasts.
  4. Networking Events: Building a strong network within our association fosters collaboration and knowledge-sharing. We’ll be hosting networking events where members can connect, exchange ideas, and forge valuable partnerships.

Remember, your input and participation are instrumental in shaping our agenda and ensuring that it reflects the interests and needs of our diverse community. If you have any suggestions or ideas for activities you’d like to see included, please don’t hesitate to reach out and share them with us!

Let’s make this upcoming period one filled with growth, learning, and collective achievement. Together, we’ll continue to strengthen our beekeeping community and make a positive impact on the world around us.

Happy beekeeping!


Reminder: Make sure you order all your spring packages BEFORE April! The deadline to order is approaching quickly! Lastly, Habitat for Humanity has asked our Association if we’d like to donate another basket this year. This is due BEFORE our next meeting (NEXT MEETING is Wednesday March 13th at the Wicomico Library at 5;40 pm, basket is due end of February). Please get in touch with Lauren ( if you’d like to donate anything into our basket for auction this year. She will arrange a pick up of items. This is a great opportunity to advertise your local business while supporting a great cause!