Nucs, Queens and Packages

Three Queens Apiaries on Facebook 

(Jason Stimis 443-523-2984)  has grafted Queens available

Snyder’s Apiaries

 Phone 410-329-6671

Open mated Maryland stock

Georgia  Italian and Russian queens

3# to 4# packages with or without Russian queens

5-frame nucs with VHS Italian queens (S Carolina)

Local 4-frame nucs with Italian or Russian queens

Non-refundable deposit 25% of order

Scheduled pick up dates:  contact Snyder’s

Woodcamp Farm (Jason)

Contact Sparky (

Package bees

5-frame nucs with local queens.

BeeGeorge Honey 

5-frame Nucs, medium or deep – Trappe/Oxford Area

Marked queens

$180 each. A non-refundable $100 deposit is required

Tuckahoe Apiaries

2# packages with marked Italian queens

Marked Italian Queens also available

5-frame nucs with local queens

Dean Burroughs


3# packages with Italian queens

Italian queens

Ronnie Quillen


5-frame nucs with Parks Golden Italian Queens