LOCATION: University of Maryland/College Park (ten minute walk from the metro station)
BUILDING:  Plant Sciences Building, Room 1140 (the auditorium)
ADDRESS:  4291 Fieldhouse Dr, College Park, MD 20742
DAY:            June 15, 2019
TIME:           9AM – 4PM  (Doors open at 8 AM)

  • Our keynote speaker will be Dr Gene Robinson of University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign on Science and the gentle Africanized bees of Puerto Rico
  • Just in time for the summer fairs, David Morris, Master beekeeper, will be presenting ”Beekeeping Excellence, how to prepare for judging” presentation.
  • We will be hosting Suzy Spencer from North Carolina, who will be doing a presentation on honey tasting, how to set up it, what is important.  We will also do a black bottle competition, where the attendees all get a chance to play honey judge.
  • We will ask meeting attendees to bring in a jar of their honey, wrapped in duct tape (any color)  Your honey will be judged by other beekeepers on TASTE ALONE.  This is a black jar competition. The overall taste winner will receive bragging rights, and a prize.   This will be a great chance to try other honeys and see the diversity of flavors in Maryland