Well, on February 2, famous groundhog, Phil P. in PA, saw his shadow and indicated we’ll have 6 more weeks of winter weather!! As beekeepers, all take note and prepare.

– Queens are actively brood rearing, food is needed and  there is no natural forage.

– Best to feed 2 part sugar, 1 part water liquid or fondant (candy).

– Opening hive and pulling frames in 60 degree or less weather, not recommended. Hives easily lifted from the rear indicate feeding is necessary.

– Create a small crack or opening of inner cover to ventilate out carbon dioxide and warm, moist air.

– Hives need a good windbreak. Also, tilt hives forward preventing moisture & ensure the outer cover is weighted properly.

– Mite and disease control needed by early Spring.

– Presently, don’t know of anyone, locally, selling pkg. bees. Best to go online!

– Fun tip: during winter weather and bees not flying, place a stethoscope on the hive wall outside and listen to bees buzzing inside! – Manage your bees and enjoy!